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Premium Frozen Aronia Berries for Sale


Frozen Aronia Berries Available For Shipping

4 -1 lb packages   $14/lb          $56

10 lb box                $8.00/lb       $80

20 lb box                $7.00/lb       $140

Berries are packed in a cooler with dry ice $15

and regular shipping charges will be added.

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Frozen Berries Available for Pick-up

10 lbs          $6.00/lb

20 lbs          $5.00/lb

Please call ahead to make arrangements  608-217-2686

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Payment:     We accept cash, check, PayPal and credit cards

Frozen aronia berries available in Madison area grocery stores:

       10oz frozen resealable pouches  -Pictured to the Left

  Willy St. Coop, Williamson St. and University Ave.

     Willy St. also has aronia smoothies at the juice bar

  Jenifer St. Market, Jenifer and Division St. -atwood    

  Trillium Natural Foods Coop, Mt Horeb

  Yahara Grocery Coop, Stoughton, WI

  Metcalfe's, Hilldale and West Towne

Our berries are grown organically, and are picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best flavor and highest quality.