Bellbrook Berry Farm, formed in 2006, is the first commercial planting of aronia, for berry production, in Wisconsin history.  We pride ourselves on raising organically grown aronia berries using sustainable agricultural practices.  Take a look at the Aronia Berries page for more on how to obtain aronia berries.

In 2009 Bellbrook Berry Farm opened an Aronia Nursery, suppling Viking aronia (melanocarpa) plants to anyone interested in growing, whether its a large field or just a couple for the garden.  Go to the Plant Nursery page for more on aronia plants.

If you are interested in aronia, a berry loaded with antioxidants, we hope you’ll have a look around this website.  If there is anything we can help you with please feel free to ask.


A Little About Us

Growing Aronia Orientation Field Day, Sat. May 4th 2013

       Talk to Bill and Dale about growing aronia, 

       8:30 -11:30  $75 per group. please RSVP 

This event is focused on commercial production.

If you are picking up plants attendance is free. 

-tour aronia fields

-maximize yield potential

-pest management

-field layout / spacing

-overhead/drip irrigation

-planting methods



-organic solutions

-frost protection

-when to harvest

-ask questions


Specializing in:   Aronia Berries  :    Aronia Plants

Aronia is a bush native to North America.  It’s darkly pigmented berries are full of antioxidants and other beneficial components that lead aronia to be called a super-fruit.