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Aronia Info

Listen to Dale tell you why aronia berries are so unique

 Potential of Aronia Berries for Memory and Cognition

Recent evidence has indicated that a group of plant-derived compounds known as flavonoids may exert particularly powerful actions on human cognition and may reverse age-related declines in memory and learning.

 In particular, evidence suggests that foods rich in three specific flavonoid sub-groups, the flavanols, anthocyanins and/or flavanones, have a unique ability to cross the Blood Brain Barrier , and possess the greatest potential to act on the cognitive processes. [1][2]

  • According to a Harvard cognitive research study performed on 16,010 participants.  Long term berry and flavonoid intake appears to delay cognitive aging by up to 2.5 years. [2]

Aronia vs Blueberry

  • Aronia is 177% higher than Blueberries in Flanonols [4]

  • Aronia is 406% higher than Blueberries in Anthocyanins [4]

  • Aronia is 429% higher than Blueberries in Proanthocyanidin a powerful antioxidant associated with a number of other potential health benefits is also found in the striatum, a brain structure controlling movement as well as certain memory tasks [6]

  • Aronia is 344% higher than blueberries in total Antioxidants [5]


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