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Bellbrook Berry Farm has become a premium supplier of Certified Organic Aronia Berry products for both retailers and manufactures. We have a number of products currently available and can also develop products to suit the needs of our customers.

Continuous improvement is our constant. our focus is Nutraceutical grade perennial dark fruit production. 

"Nutrient density of our ingredients is supported by maximum soil health, optimum harvest timing and logistics. Our Certified Organic Aronia production uses a varietal that has been tested to have the highest levels of phytonutrients."



USDA Organic Whole Frozen Aronia Berries

Whole organic aronia berries. Immediatelty frozen after harvest to retain the highest levels of phytonutrients.   Can be sold whole frozen or added to any food application to enhance flavor, color, and functionality. 

USDA Organic Aroniaberry Juice Concentrate/NFC

The only US grown Certified Organic Aronia Berry Concentrate.  Using a decanter centrifuge juice extraction removes the highest amount of soluable nutrients of any juicing process.  A bold, tart concentrate packed with anti-oxidants, that enhances flavor, color and functionality in a variety of products.

65 brix, 50 brix, also available as NFC (made to order)

USDA Organic Aroniaberry Pomace

Solids retained from juice extraction.  This product has very high levels of insoluble phytonutrients.  Analysis of our pomace has shown proanthocyanidin content of 100 mg/g (majority A-type) .  This is a great product to add functionality and fiber, or to use in nutraceutical development.

 Also available (made to order)

USDA Organic Whole Freeze Dried Aronia powder

USDA Organic Proanthocyanidin Aronia Extract Powder


Please contact us for additional information and pricing;